BTS HYPE up the HYBE museum

Welcome to the new BTS museum! The newest K-POP museum opened up to the public on May 14th in Yongsan Seoul, showcasing all of BTS’s albums, iconic outfits displayed inside glass cases and archives from their career. It also showcases the other newest groups under the HYBE label. The museum occupies two out of seven stories UNDERGROUND inside the new HYBE building, which consists of nineteen floors, covers around 5,000SQM of space in total and is occupied by 1000 employees.

There is even an exclusive, never-before-seen recording performance of “Black Swan”, that can only be seen at the museum. Some who have been to the museum have sneakily recorded the performance and uploaded it onto social media, so international Army’s can witness the performance for themselves. Another interesting part of the museum has to be the interactive screens, where guests can take a virtual tour through BTS’s recording studio and a room where you can create and listen to your own music. These have been revealed in the KpopHerald sneak peek insight into the museum. (The brief sneak-peek shows a virtual tour of RM’s recording studio!)

The images released give Army’s a sneak peak into just what they’d expect to see inside. After years of waiting for a bigger awards room, we finally have it! 

It has been obvious for a long amount of time that BTS are well… Winning a lot of awards and need more space to flex their prestigious trophies.

This picture shows their old trophy display, and their awards seem like they’re about to fall off the shelf or make the entire display collapse… So it comes as no surprise that their new trophy case is much larger and houses all of their awards much more comfortably. Plus with all the future awards coming BTS’s way, they definitely need more than a few shelves to present their trophies.

The museum also opened with the “Seven Phases” Exhibition by artist James Jean from May 14th to November 14th, which came as no surprise. In 2019, RM visited an exhibition which displayed James Jean’s work, taking pictures next to his artwork and sculptures. In return, James Jean posted a public “Thank You” message on Twitter, thanking RM for visiting and supporting his work. Additionally, RM, is a huge fan of art and enjoys visiting galleries in his spare time, wherever he is in the world, so it would be expected that some form of artwork would be featured.

“Meet James Jean, an artist who reinterprets diverse aspects of everyday life through his unique perspective and creates original, dreamlike images by adding his own narratives. Discover how each BTS member is portrayed in his elaborately ethereal world.”


In terms of displayed outfits, so far we know that the Dior outfits worn by the rapline (Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok) in their performance of “Tear” and the rest of the members in “Mic Drop” are showcased behind glass, with coordinating images from their world tour performances. 

As well as their outfits, their color coordinated microphones are also displayed above various musical equipment.

There is also a section dedicated to Dynamite, which holds their award for reaching the Billboard top 100 and the other mentions and features in various magazines, such as Grammy’s and also Billboard. 

Yoongi also donated his guitar to the museum, which is positioned in the bottom left hand corner.

There is also a section dedicated to BTS’s entire discography, as well as those under the HYBE label! Each album also displays the contents inside, including photo cards and postcards. Every variation of each album is also shown on display. Alongside this, there are also large scale framed images of the BTS members, dance practice videos and unreleased videos of the members in practice.

For the time being, you need to visit the museum in Korea to be able to access the “HYBE Insight” merchandise. However, you can start finding HYBE merch here on BTS ARMY CLUB!

So far, the merchandise sold includes photocards from the members of the groups/solo artists under the HYBE label, apparel, plushies, accessories such as pins and electrical accessories such as wireless earphone cases.

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As well as the visual and audio aspects within the museum, the most important element is the BTS story to fame and finally achieving their dream, a story that us Army’s know very well.

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