BTS’ Inspirational Impact

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So everyone who knows BTS as artists know how influential they can be in our hearts as well as the history of the world. The boys are more than just a Kpop group at superstardom. They started in a small company that over the years, skyrocketed to prominence. They inspire their fellow army every day with their success, humbleness, kindness, and their crazy addictive happiness. Let’s go over just how amazing they are in today’s letter, proving once again why we stan them in the first place! 

★ How it started recap ★

BTS debuted as Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄소년단) meaning “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” later changing it to “Beyond The Scene.” They started with a small company called BigHit Entertainment in South Korea who didn’t have any groups at the time. They debuted in June 2013 after being picked from a nationwide audition from BigHit, their members include: Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin, and Jungkook with the song ‘No More Dream.’ They didn’t have a huge success right away, and slowly gained overseas fans after ‘Boy In Luv’ in 2014.

On May 5th, 2015, the band won their first award from a South Korean SBS show for their third mini-album: ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1.’ It was truly inspiring to see how fast after this point they started to rise. From the Billboard Awards to the Grammys, (which they should’ve won) to the United Nations for an important speech that will forever be remembered. They became internationally recognized quickly and will still hopefully get more recognition from others. Their success is motivating all in itself, and has surely made a big impact across the world! 

★ Inspirational Lyrics ★

This collection of lyrics from their music is sure to make your day and motivate you through it! Just to further prove that their music does get us through tough times and happy ones as well. 

“90% of your worries are just an imaginary swamp that you created.”

Song: So What 

“In the dark night, don’t be lonely

Like the stars, we shine

Don’t disappear, because you’re a great existence

Let us shine.”

Song: Mikrokosmos

“These wings came from pain

But they are wings headed for the light

Though it’s hard and it hurts

If I can fly, I will fly.”

Song: A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone

“I’m the one I should love in this world

Shining me, precious soul of mine

I finally realised so I love me

Not so perfect but so beautiful.”

Song: Epiphany 

“Yes, look down on me like that

It’s my hobby to prove you wrong.”

Song: We On

★ Life Goes On Speech ★

BTS is known to give the youth hope and light during difficult and trying times, not just through their music, but their words as well. For instance, their speech at the United Nations General Assembly – this speech was to offer their support and hope for young people across the world amidst this global health crisis. 

RM, BTS’s group leader said, “stars shine brightest when the night is darkest and the night is always darkest before the first light of dawn.” He urged the youth to love themselves, “re-imagine” the world, and dream again. 

All the members then encouraged all of us by saying, “life goes on. Let’s live on.” 

The speech really did feel like a warm hug to beloved fans everywhere, to hear that there is hope at the end of the tunnel, and their favorite band is the ones encouraging them.

★ Love For Fans ★

Not only does BTS offer support to us as much as we do for them, they care for us in many other ways as well, and make sure every fan feels respected. 

They meet many fans and sometimes it could be exhausting, but they never fail to give a smile and go beyond when meeting ARMY. 

From meeting fans who are boys as well as girls, being adorable with children who come up to them during fan signings, and respecting fans of different ethnicity, cultures, and religions. It makes us respect them, even more when we see the kindness they offer to their fans and the people they meet daily. 

One moment to be shared today is the super cute backstory of the picture showed above. 

During a music bank in Singapore, BTS showed great respect to one Muslim fan. As the fan stood onto the stage, the boys greeted her happily and made sure to be courteous to her by not touching her.

That moment made fans feel special and recognized. BTS shows countless times just like this one, that they support all of us and our cultures which is an amazing quality to have.

★ Contagious Happiness ★

Last but not least is the fact that they are one of the funniest people that make us laugh over and over again. Their happiness radiates and sends our way just like the rays of the sun. 

Seeing them get along together, and thrive off of each other is enough to put a smile on our faces for the day. We get to see little clips of how they’re like beyond the stage and how much we can connect with them that way. Whether it’s a variety show, behind the scenes, a live stream, or an edit we see of them, they never fail to entertain us. 

Just as much as BTS makes ARMY happy, however, the fans just want them to be happy too and enjoy seeing that they’re doing okay too when we see them enjoying themselves. It inspired us to live like that too, and enjoy ourselves as well. 

To end this piece, BTS have and will continue to make us happy and hopeful just for being themselves! And it’s guaranteed that they will get support for years and years to come while they offer the same to their fans. They are indeed so humble and love doing what they do, and we’re here for it! 

Please keep up to date with more BTS and other Kpop related emails! Stay safe and love yourself! 

💜 Mina Kim

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  1. Claudine Martins

    Je suis fan de BTS depuis presque 5 ans j ai 62ans , partager avec ma fille et mes 3 petites filles 14ans 9ans et 3ans faire écouter bts leurs paroles avec beaucoup d amour d espoirede tendresse comme quoi qu il n y a pas d âges pour les écouté , , merci à bts💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💯🙏, et merci à vous pour le message que vous avez posté, bonne journée

  2. Best Line: “Just as much as BTS makes ARMY happy, however, the fans just want them to be happy too and enjoy seeing that they’re doing okay too when we see them enjoying themselves. It inspired us to live like that too, and enjoy ourselves as well. ”
    Thank you so much for this – beautifully put from the heart 🤞💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🤞

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