BTS Melted Our Hearts! – Butter Review

After the long wait, BTS finally released their new hit English solo “Butter” on May 21st, and oh boy was it well received! As an avid music video view-monitorer, I watched the views increase exponentially over the first 24-hours since its release, knowing from the first 15 minutes when we achieved 10 million views, it was gonna be a record breaker! Currently standing at almost 250 million views, we could be close to achieving the fastest music video to reach 1 billion views, breaking Adele’s previous record (87.4 days!).

The music video starts off with Jungkook smoothly entering the scene, grooving to the beat, bearing similarities with Dynamite! When the Army saw his eyebrow piercing, a lot thought it was real, which wouldn’t come as a surprise due to him being allowed to have tattoos, but it was confirmed that it’s a stick on piercing, and unfortunately not real… Additionally, the music video begins in black and white for the first few verses, however when we reach the chorus, an explosion of color takes center stage, as the disco backdrop appears and the variety of colors in the boy’s outfits and hair becomes the focal point. With their colorful outfits during the scene with the gym backdrop, catchy lyrics and iconic dance moves, it really appears to be a top-hit ready for the summer!

The most memorable part of the video has to be the elevator scene, where each of the members were asked to freestyle. If anything, each of their freestyle moves represented their character, with J-Hope’s being more energetic – representing his happy persona and Yoongi’s cool and composed vibing representing his laid back character. In the behind the scenes video on the BangtanTV YouTube channel, Namjoon says he isn’t the best freestyle dancer, so had to think hard about what dance moves he was going to use. He also mentions:

“We also took the elevator in Dope. That elevator took us up from the basement, and this one takes us to Army’s hearts.” 

Perhaps this bright and cheery concept within Butter has the intention of  contrasting with the grungy and dark feeling delivered from Dope. As the elevator descends from the dark and stressful world above, and Army’s find salvation from BTS entering their hearts.

All the playas get movin’ when the bass low, Got ARMY right behind us when we say so, Let’s go” – RM (Butter)

BTS also performed Butter live for the first time at the Billboard Music Awards on May 23rd, and blew us away with their pitch perfect vocals and pinpoint choreography. Which of course, comes as no surprise…

Billboard Music Awards 2021 Butter Performance: 

And like with every comeback, they have released a behind the scenes exclusive video and a dance practice video.

They also were featured on Good Morning America, where they performed Butter for the 2021 summer concert, looking snazzy all in white suits, from head to toe. The performance was broadcasted on US television and seen on digital billboards in New York. Hopefully, there will be a physical live performance where we can watch it live, instead of on screens, in the near future.

Now, let’s talk about the endless amount of records BTS have broken with Butter, a lot of them previously being broken by Dynamite, proving that they’re their own competition!

BTS have broken multiple Guinness World Records! Looking at YouTube, they broke the record for the most viewers for their premiere, sitting at 3.9 million concurrent viewers, which was previously broken by Dynamite last year which sat at 3 million! Through the devotion us Armys have for BTS, we also managed to break our main goal record: most views within the first 24 hours from a music video and most views for a K-Pop music video in 24 hours.


As well as YouTube, they have broken various Spotify records, including most global streams in one day (Previously held by Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran’ ‘I don’t care’) and achieved 11 million global streams! They also broke the world record for most streamed act on Spotify and their music has been streamed 16.3 million times.

What are your opinions of Butter? Comment below and let us know!

And really, do these new titles and broken records come as a surprise? Each comeback has grown exponentially, to the extent where we BTS are constantly breaking their own records. 

💜 Mina Kim

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