I Can’t Believe It’s BTS Butter!

With weeks to go before BTS’ newest single “Butter”, Army’s are scaling up the excitement in preparation for May 21st. Exactly nine months after their explosive hit “Dynamite”, accumulating one billion views on YouTube alone, Army’s are geared up to smash their previous goals and melt away the rest of the competition.

BTS Butter – BigHit Entertainment

Yes, some of us literally watched butter melt for over an hour… Thanks BigHit …

With another three concept clips being released this week and the teaser photos finally coming out next week, comeback season has never felt butter!

On May 2nd, the first concept image was released, revealing a trendy Bangtan with traces of yellow throughout their outfits. Notably Namjoon’s yellow jeans and Jimin’s belt. The aesthetic appears to have a similar retro feel that was presented in Dynamite, with the use of shell suit jackets and baggy clothing. They’re also representing the French, luxury brand Celine in this concept. This adds to their most recent brand collaboration with Louis Vuitton as brand ambassadors. They have also teamed up with McDonald’s, bringing out the new BTS McDonald’s meal!

Their predecessor Dynamite recently smashed more Billboard records, becoming the longest charting single by a Korean artist on the Billboard Hot 100 and also became the longest-running number one on Billboard’s Digital Song Sales Chart.

Cjeel — thatkpopstan: MASTERLIST Angst-A Fluff-F Smut-S...

Notably, the iBigHit website has included a page dedicated to butter, for its promotion and schedule this month. Revealing nothing more than a melting yellow scroll-down screen with “Promotion Schedule” and “Hit this button” which reveals the schedule, at the bottom of the screen. Another part of their schedule involves the yearly Lotte Duty Free concert (Online) on May 16th via TikTok. It’s unclear whether any more last-minute hints will be dropped before their final teaser photo, music video teaser and single are released, but it remains unlikely.

Looking at another one of their promo images, there are various objects lying around on the floor. Including a smashed lollipop, camera, yellow smiley face balloons and a drink being poured into a glass. It has been theorized that these concept photos relate back to the “Most Beautiful Moment in Life” period. The lollipop belonging to Namjoon and the smiley faces resembling the Nirvana sweater Jungkook wore in the “Run” music video.

BTS Butter concept image

Additionally, a yellow balloon also represents freedom or independence, perhaps foreshadowing the end to something relevant in BTS’s lives or career. This could be perhaps the gradual ending of the Coronavirus outbreak with the new vaccine or moving from one era to the next. Perhaps they’re just eight balloons that hold no meaning, but it’s a BTS trademark to make everything in their songs interlink with something or to hold some sort of significance. This poster remains highly cryptic and ambiguous, but with their recent song “Film Out” possessing so many visual parallels with “Fake Love”, it’s very likely that there is some sort of message and we are revisiting early BTS eras.

So, the question remains, will Butter live up to Dynamite?

As someone who has been an avid listener of BTS for years now, I’ve noticed the common trend from comeback to comeback, which doesn’t come as a surprise. With each new song released, their popularity exponentially soars, receiving endless amount of support from fans, celebrities and tabloids. Butter will likely smash Dynamite and become their newest top hit. With all their recent exposure in the media and their current promotion, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the boys broke their own records, not just other artist’s records.

Feeling bored and hold too much excitement for Butter? Well, you can literally watch butter melt below and join the other 14.5 MILLION Army’s who have sat through an entire hour:

Finally, what are your thoughts and feelings in regard to the new comeback? Any theories or speculations? Tell us your thoughts down below!

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  1. Mina – an exponentially hilarious AND insightful blog today!! Yes I was part of that 14.5 million and guess what .. I’m heading back for a little more *Butter* lol
    Thank you so much for posting – all these extra little snippets included makes me want to grab some bread and honey!!
    You rock !! 🎶💜🍯🐝💜🎶

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