Authentic BTS Jin Autographed Ball

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m*****************t $51.00 2021-10-01 05:36:06
h*********************m $50.00 2021-09-30 20:58:30
k*******1 $30.00 2021-09-30 20:46:44
h*********************m $25.00 2021-09-30 20:09:39
a***********9 $10.00 2021-09-30 03:05:40
j*****s $9.00 2021-09-30 01:53:35
f*************4 $8.00 2021-09-28 20:01:19
j*****s $3.00 2021-09-28 11:58:46
s************r $2.00 2021-09-28 11:10:56
Start auction $1.00 September 28, 2021 5:17 AM

This auction starts as a throwback to the BTS Live On Stage: Epilogue Tour in Manila, Philippines in 2016 where Mina and her group of friends were attending the event in the VIP standing section.

Catch the quick 30 second video of how Jimin and RM were throwing autographed concert balls to ARMY 💜 Jimin was trying his best to throw balls in the VIP Seated section areas but it was too far 🤣

Mina and her friends managed to snag plenty of autographed balls from the different boys and she’s agreed for ARMY to finally stand a chance to win and cherish some of these autographed balls for life.

Keep in mind, there is no reserve, so the final bid will take this genuine autographed Jin ball home. Good luck and fighting!