BTSAC Unlimited Warranties



Would you like to have peace of mind and never have to worry about your purchase ever again?

Now you can! 💜

Extend your 14-day ARMY GUARANTEE to:

  • 1 YEAR
  • 2 YEARS
  • For a LIFETIME!

Our BTSAC UNLIMITED Warranties will give you A FULL REFUND with a few clicks of a button.

This covers ALL product defects or issues for the duration you’ve subscribed for.

Tears, stains, water damage, cracks are all a thing of the past now with these warranties!

Grab a BTSAC UNLIMITED Warranty today and never have to worry about your purchase ever again 😉

IMPORTANT: Your warranty covers the item in that particular order ONLY.

Example: You purchase 1 product at $19.99 and a 1 Year Warranty at $7.99 and were given an Order #1XXX. A few hours later, you decide to order a few more products and were given an Order #1XYY. Your 1 Year Warranty will ONLY cover Order #1XXX. If you want to cover Order #1XYY, you will need to purchase a SEPARATE Warranty.

Warranty Options

1 Year Unlimited Warranty, 2 Year Unlimited Warranty, Lifetime Unlimited Warranty