ARMY QUIZ: Which Throwback (<2019) BTS Song Do You Need To Listen To NOW?

Apart from their gorgeous looks and amazing choregraphies, our beloved Kpop group BTS is also known for their songs
that connect with the fans on a personal level. Whether it’s about dreams, social issues and self-love, their lyrics
and meanings would definitely inspire ARMY and Kpop lovers around the world.

No matter what you are feeling right now, they have a song for you! Take this quiz to find out which BTS song should you listen to right now!


  1. What is your greatest strength?
    • Passion – No More Dream
    • Confidence – Dope
    • Persistence – Not Today
    • Courage – Lost
    • Focus – So What
    • Seeking Adventure – Paradise
    • Thoughtfulness – Spring Day
    • Wisdom – Magic Shop
    • Uniqueness – Mikrokosmos
  2. What do you need most right now?
    • Support – No More Dream OR So What
    • Money – Dope
    • Encouragement – Lost OR Not Today
    • Peace – Paradise
    • Comfort – 2! 3! OR Spring Day
    • Love – Magic Shop or Mikrokosmos
  3. How do you feel today?
    • Motivated – No More Dream
    • Lazy – Dope
    • Striving – Not Today
    • Lost – Lost
    • Hopeless – So What
    • Unmotivated – Paradise
    • Spring Day – emotional
    • Gloomy – 2! 3!
    • Lonely – Magic Shop
    • Lucky – Mikrokosmos
  4. What type of music are you feeling in the mood for right now?
    • Hype – No More Dream OR Not Today
    • Dance – Dope
    • Radio – So What
    • Chill Lo-Fi – Mikrokosmos, Paradise
    • RnB – Spring Day
    • Drama OSTs – 2! 3!
    • Podcasts – Lost OR Magic Shop
  5. Where are you reading from right now?
    • Office – So What OR Lost
    • Cafe – Paradise OR Spring Day
    • Home – 2! 3!, Magic Shop, Mikrokosmos
    • None of the above – No More Dream OR Dope OR Not Today
  6. What time of day is it right now?
    • Midnight – No More Dream OR Dope
    • Night – Mikrokosmos OR Lost
    • Morning – So What OR Paradise OR Spring Day
    • Afternoon – Not Today OR Magic Shop OR 2! 3!
  7. Choose one word that best describes you.
    • Realistic – No More Dream
    • Hardworking – Dope
    • Brave – Not Today
    • Gentle – Lost
    • Honest – So What
    • Loving – Spring Day
    • Relaxed – Paradise
    • Caring – 2! 3!
    • Mature – Magic Shop
    • Thoughtful – Mikrokosmos
  8. What area of your life would you like to improve the most?
    • Relationships – Spring Day
    • Career – Dope OR No More Dream
    • Self Love – Not Today Or Paradise
    • Confidence – Lost OR So What
    • Social – 2! 3! OR Mikrokosmos OR Magic Shop


No More Dream (2013)

The song that started it all! BTS’ debut song is telling us to follow our own dreams and truly live by finding
our own paths rather than go through what we are expected to be or what we’re told to. So let us face
ourselves and ask the right question: “Who and what do I want to be?”

“What is the you that you dreamed of?
Who do you see in the mirror? I gotta say
Go on your path
Even if you live for a day
Do something
Put away your weakness.”

Dope (2015)

Play hard, work harder! In this song, BTS tell us that they’re different from other guys and that they worked
hard to get to the top. So if you really want something, you simply have to put in the work for it. Watch your
efforts pay off in the end!

“I worked all night, every day
While you were out clubbing.”

Not Today (2017)

Today, we fight! This BTS song is about how they worked hard to be where they are now and how they will
continue doing it while calling for all ARMYs’ support to join them in fighting. So don’t let what others say hold
you back! As long as you’re not giving up, that’s all that matters!

“If you can’t fly, then run.
Today we will survive.
If you can’t run, then walk.
Today we will survive.
If you can’t walk, then crawl.”

Lost (2017)

It’s okay if you are feeling lost and confused right now. Life is full of uncertainties and problems along the
way, but BTS reassures that you have to go through wrong decisions in order to find out which is the right
path for you. So keep your heads up!

“I still believe, even though it’s unbelievable:
To lose your path
Is the way to find that path.”

So What (2018)

Let go of your worries! In this hype song, BTS wants you to rise up and keep moving forward even if
others pull you down. There’s no point of having these concerns, so you just gotta do what you need to do!

“In the middle of the road, in the moment you want to give up,
Shout out even louder:
So what?”

Paradise (2018)

Live in the present and do whatever you want to do! In this song, BTS tells us that we don’t have to dream
about being the biggest superstar and instead dream about whatever makes us whole and happy. Just live
the life you want. Big or small, still dream on!

“Who says a dream must be something grand?
Just become anybody
We deserve a life
Whatever, big or small, you are you after all.”

Spring Day (2017)

Hang in there a little longer. This BTS song is gently reassuring us that no matter how difficult the hardships we
face in life, we will arrive at our destination. It tells us that regardless of how dull things are, mornings come
at long last. It’s important to be hopeful in difficult times until your “spring day” finally arrives.

“The morning will come again.
No darkness, no season is eternal.”

2! 3! (2016)

It will be fine! A song that’s moving for turning sad thoughts into motivation to be happy. In this song, they
say how they hope for us to have better days in our future. Through their years of training, they’ve become
a family, they were each other’s hands to hold. Now, they’re reaching out their hands to ARMYs!

“It’s alright, now count 1, 2, 3 and forget.
Erase all sad memories.
Hold each other’s hands and smile.”

Magic Shop (2018)

BTS is our magic shop that we can hide in and heal our hearts. This song serves to remind ARMYs that they’re
forever in a “magic shop” in BTS’ hearts, and that they will be there at whatever point, even on dark days
where we feel like there’s no more point in living. Live!

“I do believe your galaxy.
I want to listen to your melody.
The stars in your Milky Way,
How will they appear in your sky?
Don’t forget that I found you anyways.
At the end of my despair.
You’re the last reason.
For me who was standing at the edge of the cliff.

Mikrokosmos (2019)

We got your back! This song written by the members shows how lucky BTS and the ARMYs are to have
each other in this vast world. So smile, dream, and shine!

“One history in one person
One star in one person
Shining with 7 billion lights
7 billion worlds
The night view of seven billion living cities
Maybe another night in the city
Let’s shine
You shine brighter than anyone
How beautiful this night looks is so beautiful again
That darkness is not moonlight, it’s us”

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💜 Mina Kim

P.S. Comment below and let me know which BTS song you’re going to listen to now!

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